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CVCC Technology

Constant Volume Combustion Chamber technology, also referred to as combustion bombs or fixed volume vessels, can be a efficient tool for studying fuels and combustion kinetics.

The most common technique for heating the combustion chamber is by use of electrical heaters, while compressed air is supplied from a cylinder. This way temperature and pressure can be controlled individually with high precision and repeatability.

How we do it

Liquid fuels are injected into the combustion chamber . We have solutions that ranges from mechanical fuel injection systems which handles high viscous
and troublesome fuels, to common rail type Diesel injectors with full flexibility with regards to injection pressure and timing.

Most CVCC applications uses auto ignition to simulate Diesel like combustion.

Nozzle Needle Motion Sensor

For a fuels/combustion scientist, determination of actual nozzle needle movement can be of great value. The CRU common rail injector can be equipped with a nozzle needle motion sensor as an optional feature.

Optical window for bore-scope installation

A Borescope and high-speed video camera can be fitted to capture live video of the combustion process. The camera option features;